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More Bulls..

I am going through references of the Bull in Indian mythology.

These doodles are an exploration for a celestial bull called ‘Jatavedas’ with thousand horns and it is also ascribed to have hair of flames. This a representation of God ‘Agni’ the god of fire.

Fire is nothing but the energy, the energy with which our own biological system and the universal system is functioning.

The bull being symbol of power and energy thus forms the basis of the imagery of ‘Jatavedas’.

The Sun god is also addressed as the bull since it is that energy with which the earth (the cow)replenishes itself.

In simple terms sun evaporates the water forming clouds and thus brings rain enriching the land.

Therefore bull is a symbol of fertility, the male energy or the energy of procreation.

Here is a partial view of the painting just completed. 


Mallu Brothers!!

Here are two of Hostel mates..who had come to check out my works.

Always a cheerful time to be shared with them.

Lady with Lion

Its quite sometime I’ve been exploring bull’s features combined with that of lion.

Here I tried a reverse and it seemed to be hanging on quite well…and added the lady.

After the BULL

There are many bulls around the campus and you got to see them almost every open space.

I have always inspired by their majestic appearance, their sturdy physic, heavy muscles, the hump and the head

over the neck raised in pride. Some explorations of conceptual bulls with features of lion added to the limbs and this will go on as I

keep on musing on their appearances around.


A character sketch inspired by one of the Profs.


Some getures and classroom sketching.

Rips from my sketch book

These are selected sketches from my recent sketchbook. I’ve concentrated mainly on quick gesturesdone watching my hostelmates  playing games, there are few compositonal sketches trying to get a hangover realtive proportions and orientation and a few sketches trying to express volume.

The Band

My hostel band performed the best at the institute level performance and cheers to Anindya Kundu for his lovely hands on the drums and the bass guitar