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Its been quite sometime I been idle over my blog and making some people wait over my loose words.

 I’ve been out of focus and also the internet connection seem to play its own games over my loss of focus, for whenever thought of posting it was disrupted. 

Anyway here goes ‘VRSAN’ my study and expression of Bulls and more BULLS!!










Some shots around the campus which inspired the location.


The thumbnail which formed the base.



Lord Shiva’s dance upon the bull symbolises the victory over base instincts and the dark forces.

Though not a directrepresentation of this tought, this is an allegoric representation of any earnest soul seekers adventures

against the base instincts and the dark forces.


Lord Vishnu is also conceptualized as a bull taking care of the cow – earth. The four horns represents the four directions.



As per Vishnudharmottara Purana, Nandi- the guardian of Kailasa and the Lord Shiva’s mount is an anthropomorphic being with four arms, with the trident, a short javelin and a arm in a warning gesture,three eyes, red skin colour and wears the tiger skin.

‘Vella thadi’ is a make-up form in ‘Kathakali’. This make-up is for the semi divine beings such as Hanuman and Nandi.

Its ferocious features, with a green mark between the eyebrows symbolising the divinity  and the furry costume inspired a new look to ‘Nandi’

 A close up

With full features


With these I shall stop!……. no continue with more BULLs!